ReferralMD is designed to incorporate all the tools needed to effectively manage referrals and your provider network. ReferralMD is the only solution on the market that offers referral management, patient access solutions, pre-referral consults, marketing CRM and analytics in one platform.

The comprehensive ReferralMD platform includes: 

  • Referral management 
  • Pre-referral consult
  • Online scheduling 
  • Patient engagement
  • Fax management 
  • Marketing CRM 
  • Market research tools
  • Provider directory
  • Real-Time analytics 

Online collaboration and automated communications help close the feedback loop and improve customer service between providers and patients. Customizable workflow and decision support tools help standardize the consult and referral process and drive compliance with best practices and defined service levels.

The integrated Veradigm®-ReferralMD solution can help your organization realize a rapid return on investment by:

  • Increasing Revenue
  • Reducing Patient Leakage
  • Improving the Patient Experience
  • Closing Feedback Loop with Referral Sources
  • Driving Operational Efficiencies
  • Mitigating Risk

To learn more, please download our datasheet. Check out how the Veradigm® PM integration with ReferralMD has led to success at Coastal Fertility. Read the story



ReferralMD Platform Overview.pdf

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