At its core, Tricefy™ offers a patent-protected SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that enables health care providers to securely store, convert, distribute, and access DICOM medical images and reports anywhere, anytime on any device – in seconds. Images can be shared anonymously with patients, and in their original DICOM format with medical professionals, either directly from the modality or from their Tricefy™ account. Setup is a breeze, often taking only 10 to 15 minutes to get a practice up and running with the service. No software needs to be loaded on PCs or servers, as the Tricefy™ service is available on any current web browser

Your organization will be able to instantly convert, review, store, and share, via text or email. You can share select images as anonymized JPGs and cine clips with patients, or entire studies in the original DICOM format with medical professionals. Because the Tricefy™ service includes long-term storage of your image data, the need to burn CD/DVDs, print thermal images, or use external hard drives to manage your data is virtually eliminated. Your clinic and any invited colleagues can instantly contribute to better patient care in a centralized, versatile, feature-rich study viewer

  • Access long-term, secure image storage in the cloud—anywhere, anytime
  • Share images, clips, and reports with patients and clinicians directly from imaging device or Tricefy™
  • Nominal upfront costs - simple monthly or annual subscription after you are up and running with Trice 
  • Instant access to your images and reports in Veradigm® via a browser-based DICOM viewer



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