With the healthcare technology market becoming more competitive than ever, ReferralMD differentiates itself with its comprehensive platform, including Digital Front Door, eConsults, Referral Management, Fax Management, and Marketing CRM solutions.  As part of the Digital Front Door offering, the Patient Registration & Intake Solution improves the patient experience and streamlines the administrative process for healthcare organizations.

The ReferralMD’s AI platform includes:

       Conversational AI Patient Intake

       Electronic Signing of Patient Consent Forms

       Automated Communications

       Inbound/Outbound Referral Management

       Automated Prior Authorizations

       Integrated Fax Management Solution

       Custom Workflow Management Tools

       eConsults & ConferMed Partnership

       Marketing CRM for Outreach

       Provider Directory for Research

       SmartCRM Template Management

       Analytics Suite & Automated Reports

Online collaboration and automated communications help close the feedback loop and improve customer service between providers and patients. Customizable workflow and decision support tools help standardize the consult and referral process and drive compliance with best practices and defined service levels.

The integrated Veradigm-ReferralMD solution can help your organization realize an ROI by:

       Increasing Revenue

       Reducing Patient Leakage

       Improving the Patient Experience

       Closing Feedback Loop with Referral Sources

       Driving Operational Efficiencies

       Mitigating Risk

Discover how ReferralMD is transforming the healthcare experience for patients and providers by changing how patients interact with providers and how organizations work smarter, not harder, through AI-powered automation.



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