COVID-19 Information:

Your front desk and phones are overloaded with calls due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some or all of your staff has to work remotely. Your providers are overloaded trying to handle all of the calls which are coming in after hours. CallMyDoc has an app that can be used by providers and remote staff to be able to document all calls, can be used to call the patient by itself, and tracks every patient call. Additionally, it transcribes and maps all patient questions into one of 12 categories which go directly into tasks in Veradigm® Professional EHR and TouchWorks EHR. It can extend and expand your practice’s ability to manage all calls.

If you hit Request Information and submit the contact form through the Application Store today, you can test this new patient call management app and we will set it up for your practice for free and allow you to test it for a minimum of 30 days no charge. This will let you utilize CallMyDoc at no charge during this challenging period.

Client Testimonial:
"We needed a secure, user friendly way to capture the afterhours calls. Love the recorded message. Having the app integrate with Veradigm Professional and the patients medical record was a game changer. No missed afterhours patients.The ability to capture all calls more efficiently then our current voicemail is very helpful. With reduced staff, due to COVID-19 we are able to work the overflow calls and we are not rushing to put patients on hold. The ability to see what calls are assigned to certain departments/caregivers is an amazing feature to track productivity and speediness of our office responses. The CallMyDoc team had us up and working in hours. Our ability to ask questions, make suggestions and have Carl help us with our call flow has been huge in helping us make this transition with reduced staff. Our staff, including the doctors, see the value of each call recorded. They have all figured out how to use the application and are able to monitor patient calls and help out as needed." 
-CallMyDoc User

CallMyDoc™ is an intelligent call answering service replacement and intelligent front desk auto-attendant.  It replaces all call answering services and voicemail systems.  Hundreds of doctors all over the country are using CallMyDoc™ and it is handling tens of thousands of patient calls a month.

It can reduce front desk calls by forty percent or more, replacing voicemail and creating a patient communications dashboard that compliments patient tasks and can be used to answer the phones in an efficient way if all the office lines are busy or cannot be answered.

It is so popular because it is the ONLY smartphone app that can do the following BY ITSELF:

  1. Answers and pre-screens all calls, and sends calls with notes with the patient's chart to the doctor's smartphone.
  2. By using the app, performs other tasks by itself as instructed:
  3. Take care of a refill or prescription and calls the patient back to inform them which pharmacy has their prescription waiting.
  4. Calls the patient by itself and schedules their appointment.
  5. Transcribe instructions calls the patient back with your instructions by itself.
  6. Record instructions for the patient and calls the patient back with your instructions.
  7. Calls the patient back with a number of preset responses so you do not have to.

All of this can be done in one of 42 different languages and when the call is finished, it does the paperwork by itself and puts all of the interactions with the patient back on the patient's chart.

It is the perfect solution for helping to manage calls after hours, during the day, or both, making your practice more efficient and profitable at the same time.

It is being used to maximize efficiency and profitability by primary care physicians, pediatricians, podiatrists, surgeons, gastroenterologists, OB/GYNs, pain management, and many more specialties.

It is equally affordable for a single practitioner as well as a large organization with hundreds of doctors as it is being used by both.

The easiest way to describe Call My Doc™ and how it works is to show you. If you would like to see a live demonstration via WebEx, please email us at, or call us at 844-842-8554.

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