You’re losing hours of staff time to hand-charting test results.

You need to make processes (and your budget) more efficient.

Relaymed seamlessly connects your POC testing devices to Veradigm EHR (formerly Professional EHR) and TouchWorks EHR and automatically matches results to orders.

If you’re experiencing:

      Chasing down test results.

      Printing reports.

      Hand-charting results into your EHR.

      Fixing mistakes.

      Troubleshooting errors.

Relaymed will provide accurate, immediate data entry to eliminate dangerous errors, create time savings for your staff, and cost savings for your practice.

Connecting all your point of care devices

Relaymed connects to over 75 leading devices to automatically deliver test results to your EHR, including urinalysis, infectious disease (COVID, flu, strep, etc), diabetes, hematology, STIs, and more.

Straightforward pricing. Simple setup and training.

We expect Relaymed to immediately make a positive impact on your organization, without surprising you with hidden costs, unused features or costly upgrades.

Trusted by providers across college health, family medicine, FQHCs, OBGYNs, pediatrics, urgent care, urology, and more.

Once we calculated the cost of staff doing all this work manually, in terms of hours and dollars, switching to an automated solution just made financial sense.

-Sandra Tomlinson, Head of Healthcare IT and Quality Care Manager for Prairie Pediatrics, Veradigm Customer

Learn more about Relaymed and Veradigm’s interface.


 Apr 05, 2019
"Test results now go straight to the EHR, meaning practice staff can focus on more important tasks. Productivity and satisfaction are through the roof." — Phillip F. Bressoud MD, FACP, University of Louisville Physicians

 Sep 15, 2022
I really like Relaymed. They are very responsive with their helpdesk and their system if fairly easy to use and maintain.