With PatientPage, you can get your patients from the front desk to the doctor, faster. Practices that integrate Patient.Page see: 

Increased revenue thanks to a full schedule. Our smart, two-way appointment reminders decrease no-shows and drive a 3x increase in patients completing intake ahead of their visit relative to using the Athena patient portal. That means more on-time appointments, and an early heads up on any insurance issues that could cause costly billing surprises.

 - Increased operational efficiency. Our simple, mobile-optimized UI eliminates 5+ minutes / patient of tedious staff effort scheduling appointments and administering, transcribing, and scanning intakes. For a 5-physician office, that’s 180 hours of time saved each month. Intake questions and forms can be customized by provider, appointment type, or new/returning patient status. 

Happier patients. Shared tablets, crowded waiting rooms, and patient portals are a thing of the past. For a two-location urgent care clinic in busy New York City, adoption Patient.Page translated to $6k / month in reduced staff overhead, and $90k / month in incremental bookings. 

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Patient.Page offers

  • Integrated self-scheduling & appointment reminders. Seamless scheduling integration on your website and two-way SMS reminders increase bookings while reducing no-shows and ensuring your schedule is always full. Scheduling can be configured to only allow patients to book certain appointment types or providers online vs. having to call the practice. 


  • Digital intake. Capture demographics, insurance, pharmacy, medical and social history, and signed consent forms with our simple mobile UI. Discrete intake data flows in real time to the patient QuickView and chart, with PDF documents storing consent and other forms organized however you’d like. 


  • Reputation management. Manage your reputation online with post-visit patient surveys and reviews, and get found by more prospective patients to grow your business. Integration is free, and you could be up & running in under 30 days. 

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