Servicing more than 4,000 partners across the U.S., our buy-and-bill platform is transforming vaccination programs across the country.

Working with VaxCare:

We Buy Your Vaccines

  • No-cost Vaccines – We buy back your existing inventory, and handle all of your purchasing going forward. 
  • Automatic Inventory Replenishment – We keep your vaccine fridge stocked with a 3–4 week supply at all times.
  • Preferred Stock – We maintain relationships with all of the major vaccine manufacturers, ensuring the best supply available.

We Manage Your Inventory

  • Veradigm® Integration – Our system fits comfortably into your existing workflow, with physician orders automatically showing up on the VaxCare Hub.
  • Automated Dose Tracking – Know exactly where each dose is, from order to administration.
  • Optimized Workflow – We've automated a slew of manual tasks, saving nurses time by eliminating post-vaccination data entry.

We Bill Your Claims

  • Automatic Billing – Our technology bills automatically for every dose you administer, eliminating loss and leakage.
  • Effortless Accountability – Expired doses are returned at no cost and lost doses are easy to reconcile.
  • Assured Payment – We make sure you're paid for each and every qualifying dose.