Remote Care Simplified - CCM, RPM, RTM, AWV

Medsien was our May app of the month! Watch Recording

Medsien is the leading provider of scalable remote care management. Hundreds of organizations trust Medsien’s unparalleled technology solutions to deliver a quality patient experience. We provide the most advanced technology platform along with high-quality staffing augmentation that becomes an extension of your practice. 

We help you easily implement, scale and sustain remote care programs including Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring for Pain Management with no additional workload on office staff and no upfront investment.

Medsien’s scalable technology and services significantly improve patient engagement and outcomes with personalized, ongoing support for the most vulnerable patients. From program enrollment to everyday care management, Medsien streamlines your entire operations with automated tracking, reporting, and billing.

With Medsien, practices can expect the following benefits:

  • No long-term commitment

  • Significant new revenue opportunity

  • No changes to your current workflow

  • Absolutely no upfront cost or investment

  • Improved patient satisfaction and retention

Our solution offers deep integration with Veradigm (with bi-direction data transfer), allowing remote programs to fit in your existing workflows. Medsien also offers an intelligent browser extension that sits in TouchWorks and automatically tracks the time spent by providers and clinical staff that can help provide better access to your patients and increase your reimbursements.

RPM Highlights:

  • Cellular connected devices provided to patients at no cost (Medsien covers the cost of the devices)

  • All devices are pre-setup, no setup required for patients whatsoever

  • Shipping, handling, 24/7 support, including delivery of ongoing supplies to patients

  • Patient data synced with Vitals in Veradigm 

  • Intelligent notifications on patient trends

  • Automated billing, tracking and reporting

CCM Highlights:

  • Eligible patients identification including insurance coverage

  • One-click Care Plan approval for providers

  • Automated tracking for audit and compliance purposes

  • Recorded phone calls through your practice’s number (Optional)

  • Automated billing and claim adjustments via Veradigm Practice Management

RTM (Pain Management) Highlights:

  • The Medsien solution brings remote care management to pain specialists that couldn’t previously benefit from CCM and RPM in their practices.

  • Built-in Pain Management module

  • Loop by Medsien Mobile app provided to patients for improved engagement

  • Personalized care plans developed based on providers’ plans for each patient

  • Eligibility reports based on patient conditions, medications and pain location

  • Designed with Medicare’s Remote Therapeutic Monitoring program

Unlike other full service solutions, with Medsien, you have real-time access to all the activities done with your patients at all times. Every interaction with your patients is performed and monitored on the Medsien dashboard. Every phone call is recorded, every communication is documented and stored for compliance peace of mind. We truly believe this transparency is what sets us apart from other solutions.

Easy to Implement:

  • Fully automated integration with Veradigm and practice set up

  • Easily accessible training and video walkthroughs

  • Dedicated customer support team

  • Live in 1 week

We have helped hundreds of organizations and implement successful remote care programs. Our results speak for themselves: - 100% of our clients have profitable programs - 95% patient retention - 98% claim success rate - High enrollment rate of eligible patients


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