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ReferralPoint was our July 2022 App of the Month! Read Press Release and browse this page to watch the video replay and view slides.

App of the Month Replay: How to Transform Patient Referrals with Data and Automation

ReferralPoint helps health systems, medical groups and risk-bearing entities looking to reduce costs, leakage or provider burnout capture lost revenue and increase patient loyalty. ReferralPoint is a data-driven network management and closed-loop referral solution that...

  • Reduces out-of-network leakage
  • Increases revenue & shared savings
  • Quantifies the impact of existing referral trends
  • Uncovers cost reduction & savings opportunities
  • Improves referral care coordinator productivity & efficiency
  • Automates communications to increase patient satisfaction & retention

Unlike manual processes or disconnected tools that result in uninformed referrals, ReferralPoint’s data ingestion engine enables the use of cost and quality data to support FFS and VBC within referral management. The solutions allows you to rank specialists and facilities and build high value preferred networks then, with one click within the IdealMATCH ™ feature, presents the ideal patient-provider match - high quality, low cost, in-network, patient preferences - within the Veradigm® workflow.

Guiding each patient through their specialist care journey should be a consistent and seamless process, for both you and your patients.

With ReferralPoint, it is.

Do you have the ability to quantify the financial impact of leakage or referring to high cost specialists?
Most organizations know they have inefficiencies and barriers around the referral process but are shocked to learn the true cost.

Calculate now > Referral IMPACT Calculator 

Hear from our clients:
"What I like most about ReferralPoint is getting 100% more control over our referrals. Before, we didn't know our out-of-network percentage but now that we can control and track it, we've seen it drop from 33% down to 8%."
- Dr. McCarrick, CMO, Vanguard Medical Group, New Jersey

“ReferralPoint provided cost and quality data we couldn't get to help us build our Preferred Network, then integrated IdealMATCH right into our EHR making it quick and easy to ensure referrals are going to the in-network, lowest cost Specialist. Their automated patient scheduling has improved patient satisfaction and increased visibility by 100% at every stage of the referral. This gave us confidence to try their Outsourced Referral Desk which has greatly reduced the burden on our staff. We're rolling this out to our entire organization in 2022, with an anticipation of more than 40,000 referrals per yr.“
- Dr. Parker, CIMO, Privia North Texas

Watch the Patient Marketing Video


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