Promptly delivers one of the leading comprehensive web-based patient experience suites. Promptly is a comprehensive web-based patient experience and automation suite designed for medical practices to enhance patient touchpoints, accelerate patient payments and automate processes to support your team while combating staffing shortages. Find out more at 

Some of the features of the Promptly Patient Experience are: 

  • Smart online scheduling allowing patients to self-schedule using real-time availability using a simple Q&A for selecting the correct appointment type. 
  • Automated Waitlist functionality which reaches out to patients automatically when the system detects a cancellation on a provider’s schedule. 
  • Patient kiosk accessible from mobile phone or in office for easy update of patient information, scanning of driver’s license/insurance card, e-sign of consents, and friction-less payment. Kiosk supports over 100 languages. 
  • Mobile check-in feature with geo-location services that automatically checks patient in when they arrive at the office and alerts patients to drive times to the office. 
  • Multi-level patient messaging via text, email, or interactive voice response. 
  • Text-to-pay supporting virtual wallets. 
  • Patient cost estimator using real-time data to provide patients with price transparency and accelerate collections while satisfying the No Surprise Act. 
  • Fully automated vision insurance eligibility for Ophthalmic businesses