Optum Patient Insights

Optum’s Smart Measurement® System technology solution will provide an automated, confidential, and secure way to collect, view and analyze data collected from patient reported health surveys.

Collected data can be viewed by entire population or user-customized cohorts, and is summarized by Quality & Outcomes (high level view of quality of life outcomes) and Vital Statistics (age, gender). Data may also be viewed on an individual level, with name, age, gender, date, and Physical and Mental Component Summary (PCS and MCS, respectively) scores (from SF instruments) displayed for all members of the cohort.

The five standard presentations of the analyses of collected data are:

  • Health Status: overview of patient population across 8 domains and 2 summary measures
  • Benchmarking: compares scores within the current cohort against general population norms or condition-specific benchmarks
  • Individual Trends: shows the progress of the cohort’s PCS or MCS between two date ranges
  • Group Trends: shows 1) the trend of the score over the specified date range, and 2) the better, same, or worse group composition for each month, quarter, or year within the date range
  • Risk Stratification: compares PCS and MCS scores within a date range