OBERD’s comprehensive digital suite includes: 

  • Clinical intakes 
  • Patient satisfaction & Reputation Management 
  • Wellness Program featuring patient education with patient reported outcomes 
  • Computer Adaptive Testing API for all recommended AAOS PROs and more 
  • Research platform connecting you to world-renowned registries 
  • Intuitive, evidence-based reporting dashboards 


Curated for clinicians, administrators, researchers, and those focused on engagement and experience, these tools enable you to streamline quality of care, practice marketing, and improve patient outcomes and payer negotiations. 


Integration Capabilities Include: 

  • HL7 ADT/SIU feed from Veradigm® Patient Management system (PM) that integrations with TouchWorks and Veradigm® EHR to OBERD (which automates the entire data collection process) 
  • Embedded PRO scores into the vitals panel for TouchWorks 
  • Single sign on for providers for both TouchWorks and Veradigm® EHR 
  • Discrete intake form data into both TouchWorks and Veradigm EHR 
  • Push document into both TouchWorks and Veradigm® EHR