MedRelease; OTech

The digital OTech platform supports patient engagement solutions that guide patients through the intake process with real-time, two-way updates into Veradigm®: 

  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Mobile Pre-Check-In or Kiosk/Tablet Check-In 
  • Appointment Reminders 
  • Patient Payments 
  • Electronic Form Completion 

HealthMark’s proprietary record management platform, MedRelease, serves as a powerful record management system to securely and accurately handle release of information requests. Records are managed with full transparency and compliance through an accessible, configurable, and secure dashboard:

  • Release of Information o Audit Support Services 
  • Human & Machine Learning Chart Misfile Detection 
  • FMLA & Disability Form Completion 
  • Digital Chart Mailroom - Chart Indexing & Document Management

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