LogiCoy PDMP

LogiCoy PDMP EHR Link Application provides automated secure connection from your Veradigm® EHR to query State PDMP databases. It receives the patient’s controlled substance report within seconds to display in the EHR application Medication History or import into Document Imaging and Management System or other applications or download as PDF or html reports.

Features include:

  • Low cost automated and secure connections from all existing EHRs to query state PDMP database
  • Reduce or eliminate coding and timeline to on-ramp new connections from healthcare organization EHRs by utilizing the LogiCoy PDMP Link Service.
  • Ability to quickly add / remove Facilities without disruptions
  • Secured using HTTPS and username based authentication
  • 24×7 support for any technical issues
  • Timely software/hardware upgrades to handle new consumers and load
  • Complete software development for PDMP features
  • Eligible States include Illinois, Washington, Pennsylvania, North Carolina

Technical documentation:

  • TouchWorks EHR and LogiCoy PDMP integration
  • Veradigm® EHR and LogiCoy PDMP integration

Watch TouchWorks EHR and PDMP integration Via LogiCoy PDMP EHR Link product

Providers can view Morphine Milligram Equivalent , Multiple Pharmacy Episodes dashboards, Risk Indicators, Provide Score Card and CDC Prescribing Guideline and the CDC Calculating Dosage Fact Sheet on the same page.