Klara is the #1 conversational patient engagement platform that seamlessly connects patients with providers. Our hyper-customizable rules automation (aka Klara Assistant) mimics practices' internal workflows and processes. Couple that with our unmatched phone integration and you have a true system of engagement — used throughout the entire practice — that reduces call volume and improves patient experience. Klara helps along each step in the patient journey, from initial contact to appointment reminders to post-visit follow-ups and everything in between — all with the convenience of HIPAA-compliant text messaging. Textable Number: Provide patients the ability to communicate via their preferred channel, when it’s convenient for them. Press-1-to-Text: Increase your patient volume by decreasing the number of dropped calls, long hold times and in-office delays. Transcribe & Route Voicemails: Voicemails equal phone tag — save time by removing the need to listen to each one (multiple times) with instant transcriptions and recordings. Mirror existing phone tree capabilities to automatically route each into the appropriate team inbox. Patient Sync: Enable your practice to effortlessly communicate with every patient in your EHR and PM, eliminating the distraction of switching back and forth between systems, and allowing staff to focus on what matters most — providing fast, integrated care. Web Messenger: Convert web visitors into new patients, even when the practice is closed. Capture their information in real-time and keep the conversation going long after they’ve left your site. And so much more!