HealthAsyst IT Services

EHR integrations are considered the lifeblood to your customer and patient experience. Shouldn’t you then be in control of your product integrations? 

Trusted by those you trust, HealthAsyst has been a reliable partner working diligently on Veradigm® products since 2003. With a deep and broad experience, we are a one-stop-shop for all your Veradigm® product integration and related IT service needs. 

HealthAsyst has handled hundreds of integrations across various Veradigm® EHRs. We offer:

  • An optimal integration strategy balancing cost and performance, considering the cost per transaction for APIs
  • Lower implementation cost with standardized and, therefore, fully reusable integration components 
  • The choice to decide whether the component stays on your network or in the cloud 
  • A failsafe integration strategy- protect you from customer frustration even if your EHR is offline

Before you decide on your integration partner, reach us at to find out what it means to be in control.

Case Studies:

[Case Study] Delivering efficiency in document indexing through smarter EHR integration – HealthAsyst

[Case Study] Integrating Opioid Assessment Tool with a Major EHR – HealthAsyst


"I engaged with HealthAsyst when I was consulting with Inflexxion a few years ago. They helped us integrate Inflexxion's PainCAS® solution with Allscripts EHR. The HealthAsyst team was not only very knowledgeable, but also connected seamlessly with Inflexxion's developers. As a result, the integration, as well as the certification process, was completed within three months. This was a critical deadline for us as Inflexxion had committed to announcing the integration at an upcoming conference. HealthAsyst came through for us and I would definitely seek them out for any similar projects.” - Robert A. Friedenberg, PhD CEO, Xeelee Group

"We were looking to integrate our document indexing solution with Allscripts EHRs. We had concerns about the timelines and complexities associated with it. All our concerns were put to rest once we partnered with HealthAsyst for the integration. Their familiarity with the EHRs helped us understand and select the best available option. With their experience, we could achieve seamless integration and certification within a shorter timeframe.” - Kris Shanmugham VP - Product Development, InDxLogic