The FormMation data extraction and output generation solution enables organizations to leverage the data that already exists in their EHR and ancillary systems to use that data where it is needed.  As its name implies FormMation’s core functionality is the generation of custom output forms to meet the needs of government agencies, insurance companies, school systems and other organizations that require data reported in their structured format.  These include school physicals, worker’s compensation and FMLA forms, and other structured documents.  By using the data already in your EHR, including data entered in notes, FormMation reduces duplicate work, ensures accuracy and improves compliance.  Beyond structured forms FormMation can also be used to generate any other custom outputs freeing you from the restrictive formatting options natively available.

Using the same data extraction tools used to generate forms, FormMation can also be used to mine, format and deliver data from your EHR in any number of other outputs including custom interfaces, XML or CSV files, or any other form of structured data.