Enter - Revenue Cycle Management & Medical Billing

Enter is the fastest, most accurate, and most transparent Revenue Cycle Management platform and service in the healthcare industry. Providers choose Enter to get the best results in healthcare:

  1. 3x faster Payer payments. Enter gets claims paid in 16 days vs 48 days. 
  2. 5x better patient experience. Enter gets patients billed in 19 days instead of 91. 
  3. 0% leakage. Enter’s DenialAI fully automates medical records, reconsiderations, and appeals.

In recent case studies, Enter increased allowable rates by 1% and reduced denials by 20% in the first 2 months. 

Our clients say “it’s like magic”. Here is a 1 Minute Enter Product Video to show you how it works.


Everyone hates Medical Billing, it is the worst part of any Provider’s job. 


Enter’s holistic Revenue Cycle Management platform fully automates the entire billing process from EMR to the bank. 

Enter’s platform automates claim creation with ClaimAI to deliver the most accurate claims to the right payer every time. EnterCloud automatically posts payments while analyzing for underpayments and denials according to your contract via Enter’s Contract Manager. Any underpayment or denial is automatically reconsidered or appealed with Enter’s DenialAI. PatientAI fully automates patient collections and delivers your patients the best collection experience. The best part - everything is fully transparent and visualized in Enter’s beautiful dashboard with healthcare’s best Business Intelligence platform. 

Case Study

For a client that processed an average of 2,356 claims per month with an average contract value of $392, Enter was able to increase payer payments by 10% by month 3, while increasing patient collections by 82% and reduced the cost of billing by 20%.

Service Level Guarantees:

  • 98% Claim Accuracy Guarantee powered by Enter’s Auto-Eligibility engine.
  • 48 Hour Claim Delivery Guarantee powered by Enter’s Claim A.I.

Jordan Kelley

CEO & Co-Founder of Enter