ActX brings precision medicine based on genomics to day to day patient care for Veradigm EHR™ and TouchWorks® EHR customers. It is closely integrated with Veradigm®, and designed for the busy clinician who is not an expert in genetics. ActX focuses on actionable genomics, where there are clear evidence based actions for physicians and patients to take. 

Features Included:

  • Automatic drug genomic interaction checking for adverse effects, efficacy, and dosing
  • Check for actionable genetic risks 
  • See a patient’s genomic profile including medications, risks and carrier status 
  • Seamless integration with your Veradigm® Electronic Health Record
  • Patient genetic data frequently re-analyzed to stay up to date with our Knowledge Base
  • Includes affordable saliva-based testing
  • API Certified

Every time a prescription is written in Veradigm®, ActX checks the drug against the patient’s genetics, providing an alert if there is an issue with medication efficacy, dosing, or adverse effects.  ActX covers most U.S. prescription drugs for which there is sufficient evidence of a genomic effect (400+). The ActX Patient Genomic Profile also shows actionable patient genomic risks, such as hereditary cancers and cardiovascular risks. An example would be Lynch syndrome, where lifetime colorectal cancer risk varies from 30% to 70% depending on the patient’s genetic variant, and colonoscopy beginning at a young age is recommended.  The Profile now includes Carrier Status as well.

ActX is a complete service; after a physician places an order through Veradigm®, ActX takes care of obtaining patient genetic data through affordable saliva-based genetic testing for over 600,000 genetic markers (SNP’s). Patient DNA is frequently re-analyzed to stay up-to-date, and physicians are alerted when new serious risks are found. 

What ActX Checks For:

  • Drug Genomic interactions, including side effects, dosing, and efficacy 
    • Over 400 medications
  • Actionable, evidence based, disease risks
    • Over 80 actionable hereditary cancers, hereditary cardiovascular conditions, metabolic and other conditions, such as hereditary hemochromatosis, acquired long QT syndrome, and Lynch syndrome
  • Carrier Status
    • Numerous recessive based diseases

 “ActX, and pharmacogenomics in general, are the beginnings of the establishment of a new standard of care in medicine prescription. In not so many years it will be thought ludicrous to prescribe an SSRI anti-depressant without a genomic panel; laughable that a provider would give a patient a medicine which had no hope of ever helping him or her— then waiting for the one-month follow up to declare this medicine a failure.”

— Physician and ActX client