A.D.A.M. SmartCare for Patient Education

A.D.A.M. SmartCare™ for use with Sunrise EHR provides patients with the evidence-based health information they need throughout the entire continuum of care. Each health article is created to support the patient journey by providing critical education before, during, and after care. 

SmartCare Highlights

  • Integrates within the Sunrise EHR clinician’s workflow
  • HL7/InfoButton capabilities integrate with Sunrise EHR to provide relevant patient education content for each patient encounter
  • Customizable to include an organization’s information, logo, practice guidelines, and clinician notes
  • Print articles as patient handouts and post articles to a Sunrise document folder 
  • Store favorite articles in a “Favorites” folder for quick access
  • Helps HCAHPS scores by increasing patient satisfaction with detailed patient education materials
  • SmartCare™ provides instant access to thousands of evidence-based health articles with actionable and patient-centric content to address all patient education requirements.
    ·          Researched and written by a team of professional medical writers, editors, illustrators, and reviewed by U.S. board-certified physicians
    ·          Covers all therapeutic areas, along with topics on wellness, prevention, self-care, and more
    ·         Includes detailed explanations and full-color, medically accurate images and illustrations, making it easy for patients to understand and retain health information
    ·          Meets Joint Commission Standards for plain language 
    ·         Written at 5th to 7th grade reading level
    ·         URAC accredited; feel confident that patients receive up-to-date and evidence-based content

For additional information and pricing, or to schedule a demonstration visit: https://www.adam.com/allscripts or email: ConsumerHealthSales@Ebix.com.

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Evidence-based health information with A.D.A.M. SmartCare


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