Wolomi Community App and Birth Classes

The Wolomi mobile app is a pregnancy companion for women of color that educates and empowers users to improve their pregnancy outcomes. 

  • Through the ‘ASK THE EXPERT’ feature, users are able to access a team of experts that answer their pregnancy-related questions within 72 hours via a forum format. 
  • The app’s ‘COMMUNITY/EVENTS’ feature offers programming and access to a welcoming community of like-minded women who are going through a similar experience. 
  • Through it’s ‘YOUR WEEKLY PREGNANCY UPDATES’ feature, the app sends weekly pregnancy updates from a trusted expert via text messages. This feature allows users to know what changes are happening to their bodies and their babies, and offers Rx reminders.
  • The app’s ‘MENTAL HEALTH SCREENING’ feature is a friendly, quarterly pop-up screening of moms with PHQ2 that is scored. This screening is crucial to providers and health systems. 
  • The Wolomi community also offers culturally relevant birth classes and personal pregnancy companion support.