With ThoroughCare’s intuitive software, mobile application, and analytics solutions - clinics and physician practices can:

·       Leverage care management solutions to optimize workflow and maximize incentives

·       Develop care plans for personalized care, aligned with patient health goals, and aid readmission reduction

·       Connect patients and care teams digitally for enhanced engagement and outcomes

·       Utilize Analytics to evaluate, report, and improve clinical and operational results and quality scores across sites

Our comprehensive SaaS platform is designed to foster clinician and patient collaboration and align with Medicare’s value-based care programs.  These software solutions promote clinical efficiency by enabling care teams to customize care plans, monitor vitals with remote devices, coordinate care between providers, and document patient interactions. Administrators can accurately bill with CPT codes assigned to claims based on time spent with each patient, and maximize associated Medicare reimbursement, across the following programs: 

·       Chronic Care Management (CCM)

·       Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)

·       Behavioral Health Integration (BHI)

·       Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

·       Transitional Care Management (TCM)

·       Principal Care Management (PCM)

ThoroughCare’s cloud-based software integrates directly with Veradigm EHR, Practice Management, and Touchworks EHR. This interoperability enables a comprehensive patient view within a single consistent Care Coordination solution.  With this functionality, care providers can:

·       Launch ThoroughCare directly from their EHR
·       Import patients directly from their EHR, into ThoroughCare
·       Populate clinical data into ThoroughCare: Conditions, Allergies, Medications, Labs, and Vitals
·       Upload a ThoroughCare care plan into their EHREfficiently and comprehensively facilitate claims submission
·       Efficiently and comprehensively facilitate claims submission