Guided Scheduling powered by Opargo

Guided Scheduling – powered by Opargo - delivers a healthcare scheduling solution that is fully embedded into Veradigm® Practice Management. Using Open Times, healthcare organizations can schedule every patient visit with the guide of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. 

Guided Scheduling leverages 12-24 months of historical practice management data and applies optimization algorithms to predict what will happen each time a visit is schedules. Allscripts Guided Scheduling matches these algorithms with practice and provider goals to drive optimal results.

By scheduling patient appointments more optimally, Guided Scheduling can improve overall practice efficiency in a number of ways: 

  • Improved patient access to care – visit prioritization based on patient need
  • Easier onboarding for new staff – well-defined technology-driven processes
  • Simplified scheduling environment – scheduling rules automated in existing Open Times workflow

Guided Scheduling ensures that providers are “The Right Kind of Busy.” 

Guided Scheduling Overview Video


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